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       Welcome to The Music Factory Studio!

  The Music Factory Studio provides music lessons for Voice, Piano, Guitar, Drums and Bass Guitar. Lessons are provided by Harley, Shery and Josh. They are all professional musicians.

  Harley and Shery moved to St. Augustine from northern California in 1999 to take care of aging parents. They have since returned to the Sonora area and have re-located the business there. Harley is a digital design engineer and has designed integrated circiuts that were used in Apple computers. He was a guest speaker at the very first Apple Developers Conference in San Jose, California. He has traveled all over the world teaching training classes in the high-tach industry and performing large scale integrated systems analysis services.

  Harley worked with Picolata Guitars and Stewart Music Center as a music teacher providing lessons before He and Shery established the Music Factory Studio in 2009. In that time, they have taught many people how to play and sing and enjoy all that music has to offer. Some students have gone on to enroll in Douglas-Anderson Schools of the Arts and/or establish professional careers as performers.

  Harley and Shery believe in maintaining a positive environment for creative development. The studio in which lessons are provided is also a professional recording studio. They have recorded students performing songs at different stages of their musical development so they may listen to how they have improved in their ability. This also "immortalizes" their performances so they may listen back to themselves at a later date. This process has proven invaluable as a teaching technique.

  Lessons are provided at the studio on a "by appointment" basis. Please call (209) 536-9936 to arrange your appointment.

  On the News Front:  We are proud to announce that Eddie Price, a local 2nd grade teacher for 35 years, has completed and published his album, "Just for Kids 2" produced here.




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