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Quotes While on vacation,Michael researched piano lessons and found Harley at The Music Factory Studio. I have played the piano my entire life and was never taught music theory. Harley taught me how chords, scales and melodies evolve into a song. I looked forward to working on my weekly assignments which were creating beautiful sounds from chords and scales and their progressions. Harley's love of music AND teaching is amazing. Harley was right. He told me that I wouldn't see my music in the same way. Now, I look at a piece of music and understand how it was built. I play the piano with an elevated sense of comfort and ease. Each note is beauty unto itself. I took lessons for two months and was sad when they came to an end. But, I am grateful to have had that experience. Harley is fabulous. Thank you Harley, Elaine" Quotes

Quotes I am a bass gutiar student at the Music Factory Studio for almost 2 years. I am very jazzed about the instruction that I have received. My instruction has been tailered to my style and ability. I have been a student of several other instructors. There is no comparison as to the depth of musical knowledge, live perfomance experience and recording engineering that The Mucic Factory Studio provides for beginers to pros! Quotes
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