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Instrument Services

  The Music Factory Studio provides services for your instruments. String changes, super-accurate intonation adjustments, and restorations are just a few of the things they provide.

  They can restore your older instrument. Above are pictures of just two of the many examples of his work. The top picture is a 1994 Fender Jazz bass. The rosewood neck was replaced with a maple one. The bridge was replaced with a Babicz high mass bridge. The pickups are Seymour Duncan BassLines Jazz bass stacked humbuckers. All of the electronics were replaced with CTS pots and bumblebee caps that custom "voiced" the pickups. He added a custom pickguard which was 100% RFI shielded. Also added was a custom neck plate with the "F" logo engraved. A set of Schaller tuners and D'Addario Nylon Taperwound strings round out the modifications. The result is a real player of a bass.

  The second instrument is an early 70's Gibson ES-150D that was purchased from an auction by a collector. It had been stored for quite a while. However, it was obvious that it had been lovingly played earlier in it's life.

  The restoration included cleaning the entire instrument. The frets were finished and buffed. The neck required multiple oilings to restore the rosewood from near "cracking" status. The entire finish was hand rubbed and polished. This resulted in bringing back it's original luster and reducing the appearance of the many finish cracks from past temperature stress. The tune-o-matic bridge was dissassembled. Each component was cleaned and hand polished as was all the other metal parts on the instrument. All of the electronics were cleaned to ensure proper function. The pickup heights were adjusted for proper volume balance and output. The intonation was set with a strobe tuner accurate to 1/10th of a cent. A scribe was used to clean the numbers on the volume and tone knobs to restore the "whiteness" of the numbers.

  When the owner came to pick it up, he sat in the studio and played it for about 15 minutes. "Un-believable" is a direct quote!